Dialects of Bishnupriya Manipuri

Bishnupriya Manipuri has two dialects, namely –

(1) Rajar Gang ( Kings Village) and
(2) Madoi Gang ( Queens village ).

The Madoi Gang dialect also known as Leimanai and the Rajar Gang dialect, as Ningthounai. The term Leimanai derived from Leima (queen) + nai (attendant), and the word Ningthounai from Ningthou (king) + nai (attendant).

The Madoi Gang dialect is was spoken probably in the Khangabok-Heirok area and the Rajar Gang dialect , in the Bishnupur Ningthankhong area of Manipur.

As regards to the origin of these two dialects, tradition says that once the queen of Manipur requested the king to give her a few village. The request was granted and in time the language of those villages developed in a different direction; the village in the possession of the queen were known as Madoi Gang or  The villages of the Queen.  The other villages remained in the possession of the king and known as Rajar Gang or The villages of the King.

These two dialects, however, cannot be located in distinct areas, but exists side by side in the same localities.  The Madoi Gang dialect has received a greater number of Meitei words and the pronunciation also the influenced greatly by Meitei. Morphological difference between the two dialects is negligible, but from the pint of vocabulary, there are differences.

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