The Meetei and the Bishnupriya

A book discussing the origin of the Manipuris and the Bishnupriyas written by Wangkhemcha Chingtamlen, Published by the Wangkhem family in 1999, Price Rs 65/, (in special cover), Page 70.
Reviewed by: Konsam Kulladhwaja

While the Manipuris, especially the Manipuris outside Manipur are still facing the Bishnupriya problem it would be worthwhile to bring out such books that shows a clarification on the Bishnupriya. Besides Ch Manihar’s book ‘A clarification on the Bishnupriya in relation to the Manipuris’ which is commendable, this book is also worthy to be mentioned. The Bishnupriyas have always been pressurizing the Government of Assam that their language should be included in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution claiming they were the first inhabitants of Manipur. What an awful claim is this? Here in this book the author at the very outset tells about the Meitei, the original people of Kangleipak (Manipur). The unalloyed Meeteis are the original people of this land. The Meetei upto this day think themselves to be the descendants of Gods because of the background of the Puya. The Puya says the original Meeteis were created by God in the likeness of Him. The Meeteis were created looking at the image of God, as a model of God’s shape and likeness. These people called Meeties are living this in land now called Manipur today. Whether the Bishnupriyas are the Mayangs or Kalishas or any other race related with the Indo-Aryan race group or any other group whose racial name Bishnupriya was derived from Bishnu worshipping or from any other reason, their association with the history of Manipur was only since 14th century AD. Before this period, they were non-existent in this land, clarifies the book.

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