Meitei Manipuri Real

In the Mahabharata period one state was named Manipur

(A) Some words about the origin:

The origin of Thang Ta is full of myths & legends; is believed to be born out of the basic survival instinct, the self- defense needs, the hunting activities{some of the sequences of a particular Ta-Khousaba depict various stages in hunting & catching wild animals}- [Ta-Khousaba: an ancient collection of moves/exercise series designed for mastering/increasing efficiency in handling Ta (spear) & Chung (buckler),& their techniques – in simple words, most likely, a spear forms/patterns. Its main types are: Maram Nungsetpa, Maram Achouba, Maram Macha, Kabui, Tangkhul, Thel,(Athou, Yangbi & Atan, the main 9 types, as per many learned masters; according to others, in addition to the above six, other main types are- Maram Nungjongba, Athou Chumthang, Athou Macha & Athou Achouba)] – , the military training & experience, & most importantly, the burning desire & the utmost passion of the Meetei race never to be dependent or under any foreign rule. Continue Reading