A Key Attribute of a Banana Republic


Over at The Cash Phantasm, fellow EconLog blogger Scott Sumner lays out 21 traits of a banana republic. He factors out that it’s not a whole record. I agree.

Particularly, there’s one attribute lacking, a attribute that has been fairly related in america and in main components of the world since early April.

It’s this:

Does the federal government stop individuals from working towards their occupation and shut down big components of the financial system based mostly on the thought, not that persons are sick and would possibly unfold their illness to others, however that folks would possibly be sick, although most of them aren’t, and would possibly unfold their illness to others? And relatedly, does it threaten individuals who might simply show themselves to not be sick with fines and/or jail sentences for not complying?

Additionally, associated, does the federal government preserve altering its rationale for the shutdowns.


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