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QUESTION: Hello Martin,
Thanks a lot for sharing the connections Socrates is making between seemingly unrelated concepts. I’m a highschool/collegiate science trainer and am questioning if Socrates has recognized any correlations between coming astronomical phenomenon (like lunar phases or planetary alignment) to warfare or the economic system. The knowledge you’ve supplied on the Solar has been wonderful!
BTW, my college students and I take advantage of the knowledge you weblog about as the inspiration for the conversations in our Socratic seminars.
Thanks for all you do!

REPLY: I’ve not used astrology regardless that my understanding has been that it was devised by the Babylonians who sought to correlate occasions to occasions within the heavens. I’m not so sure that particular occasions will be forecast by that technique as a result of issues change and there are extra complexities concerned right this moment. However, they could align with what I’ve to say once in a while. The cycle of the solar 300 years aligned with our 309.6-year cycle. It’s attention-grabbing that these photo voltaic cycles are getting weaker. The local weather change that seems to be on the horizon is just not international warming, however international cooling.

There isn’t a dialogue of even how the poles flip. I labored out the cycles on that from the info that was despatched to us to see what Socrates would provide you with. It turned out to be a 720,000-year cycle, so sadly we do not need an account of what passed off the final time. Nonetheless, we’re in line for that change maybe post-2032. The poles flip each 11 years on the Solar. However, no person lives there to clarify the affect. There isn’t a dialogue of the solar cycle nor the motion of the poles on this local weather change state of affairs they put forth the place they declare we’ll all die after 7 years.

I’m thrilled that you’re educating your college students the right way to assume. I actually want extra academics stopped the brainwashing and open their very own eyes to the agenda being pressured upon the youth for nefarious functions.

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