*Tenet* – a overview (no actual spoilers)


Though liquid securities markets play no function within the plot, that is nonetheless a film the place the worth of data is repeatedly very excessive.

You may consider the film as developing a world so {that a} excessive worth for data is ruling all the time.  And the way unusual such a world must look.

Most plots are about effort, character, ethical fortitude, luck, or preexisting situations (“are they actually meant for one another?”).  It’s about time we had a movie about data, though the ultimate world that’s constructed is stranger than you might need anticipated.

“We should go now.”

However actually, in the actual world, you rarely must “go now.”  You may go just a bit bit later, and it gained’t matter a lot.

However this isn’t the velocity premium, slightly the game-theoretic idea is that of final mover benefit, the alternative of Schelling’s first mover benefit.  Few of us are intuitively able to take that idea actually and to order our understanding of a film round it.

When you have studied Steven Bram’s e book Biblical Video games (and his different writings), this movie will move naturally for you — in any other case not!

In contrast to most slacker movies, this film takes a determined stance on Newcomb’s Paradox, although to disclose that can be a complete spoiler.

The film additionally has real improvements in its chase and battle scenes, a rarity and certainly near-impossibility lately.

The soundtrack is superb, and would possibly no less than a number of the music be palindromic?

As for inspirations, you would possibly take into account Raiders of the Misplaced Ark, most different Nolan films, the Ebook of Exodus, the Sator Sq., James Bond, Frank Tipler and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and most of all Buster Keaton’s Sherlock, Jr.

To be clear, I don’t love most of Nolan’s movies, and Inception bored me, so I wasn’t anticipating a lot from Tenet.  I walked away completely satisfied.

Ought to I now be rooting for a sequel? Or would that be a prequel?

Kudos to Alex for renting out the theater, he’s the actual Protagonist is that this one.

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