Gamma-Rays – Photo voltaic Minimal – Volcanoes – Human Immune System


QUESTION: Illness cycle and two manner streets
I had a small gentle come on for me that’s large. Right here it’s, what if throughout the Illness cycle that’s linked to the solar cycle is a two manner road? What if on the identical time that photo voltaic output is low and climate is unstable resulting in pestilence. Right here it’s, one thing that I’ve not seen none if little or no mentioned in regards to the results of the additional Gamma Radiation that happens right now additionally as a result of weak magnetosphere from what I briefly checked out any such radiation lowers the immune system so there you may have it I related some dots what do you assume?

ANSWER: There have been many research on the influence of UV and gamma radiation throughout photo voltaic adjustments and occasions. Gamma-rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation, as are radio waves, infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, and microwaves. Gamma-rays can be utilized to deal with most cancers, and gamma-ray bursts are studied by astronomers. I’ve additionally reported that our correlation fashions additionally present that photo voltaic minimums correspond to elevated volcanic exercise. Volcanic winters happen throughout photo voltaic minimums. It definitely appears that gamma-rays would be the motive volcanoes erupt extra throughout these intervals. This definitely additionally reduces meals manufacturing and will increase illness, presumably due to an increase in malnutrition. Nonetheless, since gamma-rays are additionally used to deal with most cancers, there’s no less than a foundation to warrant additional investigation if the rise in gamma-rays throughout photo voltaic minimums influence sure vulnerable folks or these with explicit DNA sequences.


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