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Though his loss of life was the inciting occasion that kicked off the entire collection, Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) has remained a significant participant all through each seasons of The Umbrella Academy. Due to their bounce again by time into the 1960s, the Hargreeves siblings have been capable of meet a a lot youthful model of their future adoptive dad throughout season 2—and true to kind, Sir Reg handled them with a mixture of suspicion and whole disdain. And judging by the twisty closing moments of the season, the Hargreeves youngsters assembly their future dad could have created a time paradox that places their precise existence in jeopardy, since Hargreeves was so disenchanted by his future kids that he got down to do a greater job, thereby creating an solely completely different household named the Sparrow Academy.

However let’s stick to Hargreeves for a second, as a result of viewers have been handled to a significant reveal about his identification within the penultimate episode of the season. Although he was a mysterious determine all through season 1, followers of the Umbrella Academy graphic novel collection have recognized Hargreeves’s deal from the bounce, as a result of on the web page the reality is revealed instantly. On display, it took nineteen episodes for us to find it. Spoilers observe.

umbrella academy sir reginald hargreeves


Within the comics, Hargreeves is revealed to be an alien virtually instantly, which explains his obsession with area—keep in mind when he despatched his favourite youngster, Luther (Tom Hopper), to the moon on a mysterious and poorly-explained mission that left him deeply psychologically broken by loneliness? Good instances.

Early in season 2, Diego (David Castañeda) and 5 (Aidan Gallagher) uncover that Hargreeves is working with a shadowy cabal named The Majestic 12, who’re seemingly plotting to have President Kennedy assassinated. Regardless of Diego’s greatest efforts to intervene, Kennedy is killed on November 22, 1963—however Hargreeves’s involvement seems to be extra difficult. When he goes to fulfill with the Majestic-12, he is livid, as a result of he was given assurances that Kennedy would not be harmed. However the group’s chief shrugs off his issues, stating that Kennedy needed to be killed as a result of he had “pissed off too many individuals.” (In actual life, one of many many conspiracy theories about JFK’s loss of life was that he was murdered as a result of he was getting too near the reality about alien life on Earth.)

That is the place issues get attention-grabbing. Majestic-12’s head honcho says that nothing has modified by way of the deal Hargreeves made with their group. “The rocket expertise you provided us with will allow us to beat the Russians to the moon,” he says, “and after we do arrive, 5 – 6 years from now, your pursuits on the darkish facet of the moon received’t be affected.” Hmmm. When Hargreeves says he’ll cease sharing his expertise, the chief threatens to “inform the world who he actually is.”

And what’s that, precisely? We nonetheless do not know for positive, however what we do know is that Hargreeves responds to this risk by casually unzipping the again of his head and peeling off his total face, which is a few form of nightmarish human pores and skin masks. Off digital camera, in his true kind, he massacres your complete room filled with Majestic-12 brokers, and though we do not see any of what is taking place, the closed captions for this scene embody the sound impact “Flesh tearing,” so.

Now, it is technically nonetheless attainable that the present might deviate from the comics and have Hargreeves grow to be some different form of non-human creature. (What if he is a werewolf, therefore his curiosity within the moon?) However provided that the graphic novels’ creator, Gerard Approach, is closely concerned with the present, it is fairly probably that good ol’ Sir Reg actually is an extraterrestrial.

One other fashionable fan idea about Hargreeves which circulated after season 1 is that he is really an grownup model of Quantity 5. Season 2 not solely conclusively disproves this mind-bending idea, however references it in a sly method by introducing an precise older model of Quantity 5, who’s most undoubtedly not Sir Reginald and spends most of his time onscreen bickering along with his youthful self.

So now that we (just about) know what Hargreeves’s entire deal is, what does that imply for future seasons of The Umbrella Academy? What are his “pursuits on the darkish facet of the moon,” and did he ever achieve reaching no matter his objectives there have been? Will the creation of the Sparrow Academy give him the possibility to push his outer area agenda additional than he was capable of the primary time round? With all these questions, it is gonna be a protracted hiatus.

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